2019 New Style Robotic Arm - Stamping Robot – Liush

Special Type for Stamping & Loading and Unloading Material 1. The machine adopts three-axis to four-axis high-speed linkage technology, and the movement efficiency reaches to 8-12 times/min; 2. Intelligent motion controller is used to implement four-axis linkage, which can identify the punch twice or more stamping, protect the safety of robots and punches and store more than 100 groups of product information; 3. RV cycloidal reducers are adopted to make the positioning error within ±0.2MM; 4. The built-in vacuum compressor provides an independent and stable gas source for the vacuum suction of the robot gripper, so that the use of the robot is not affected by the use of the site gas source, ensuring the safety and stability of the vacuum suction of the gripper and avoiding falling in the process of operating; 5. The selected PLC, servo, motor, vacuum pump and other equipment are from OMRON or Delta, Japan Morita and American AIRTEOH. Screws, linear guides, cylinders and other parts are from MISUMI, Yadeke; 6. Vision online monitoring technology: In order to ensure the quality of the work and avoid the damage of the mold, quickly detect whether the workpieces are crushed, leaking and scraping and reduce the scrap rate of the product, the machine uses high-resolution image at the transfer station. The vision system realizes the photographing of the workpieces on the transfer table and the rapid transmission within 0.1 seconds, quickly determines the quality of the stamping product, and realizes online fast processing through program control.