China Supplier Racks Shelving - Sorting & Delivery System – Liush

The automatic sorting system is one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution centers and a key factor in improving the efficiency of logistics distribution. Generally, 6000-12000 boxes can be sorted per hour. The automatic sorting system generally consists of control device, sorting device, conveying device, and sorting port, of which the automatic transport systems include transporting, transplanting, sorting, lifting equipment, and the like. Advantages: 1. Be capable of sorting goods continuously in large quantities; 2. With extremely low sorting error rate; 3. Basically achieve unmanned sorting operation. The basic workflows of this system is as follows: 1. Order receiving - Robots move to parcel sorting section, queue up and take away the parcels, then scan the QR code and weigh; 2. Automatic sorting - According to the corresponding information of the bar code, the robot automatically plans the route and delivers it to the corresponding "pit". 3. Automatic charging - Robots can also automatically find the charging station to charge.