Deburring Robot

The robotic deburring can be performed by the robot clamping the power shaft or the workpiece for deburring. The handle can be yawed to absorb the unmeasured part of the workpiece, and the yaw force can be controlled. The deburring robot can drive the milling cutter from any angle and position of the casting. It is very flexible, fast and accurate to mill the edges and corners on the surface of the casting, the burr inside the deep hole and the holes which are covered by aluminum sheet. The robot can be designed in accordance to different workpieces, and the deburring efficiency of applying this robot can reach to 4-6 times higher than that of workers. The robotic deburring system can achieve the following functions: 1. Advanced pneumatic floating spindle is adopted with radial floating range up to ±8mm to eliminate positioning error and improve the processing accuracy; 2. Highly-precise visual system is adopted to automatically identify the products model and convert to the corresponding deburring program; 3. It takes less time to debug the robot (usually 0.5-1 hour according to deburring area and customer’s requirements); 4. 360°rotating worktable is adopted to rotate products freely and achieve automated zero correction; 5. Automated chippings collecting device is equipped to avoid the halting problem when collected by people and improve the work efficiency; 6. Cutting tools’ working life can be detected automatically and they can avoid jammed chippings problem and dip oil automatically; 7. Floating force can be controlled by PLC.