Electrophoretic Coating Line

Waste water, exhaust air, and solid rejectamenta produced by traditional painting technology have polluted and destroyed our living environment. Liush developed a new coating treatment way, Water-based Paint E-coating Line, which can satisfy anticorrosion, decoration, function requirement and environmental protection. ● Advantages of Cathode Electrophoresis 1. Using water paint to reduce the harm to human and atmosphere. 2. Using closed circulation Making zero-emission and zero-pollution. 3. Preventing fire risk and ensuring the safety production. 4. Reducing costs. The paint utilization rate can reach to 99%. 5. Overcoming the Faraday Effect. 6. Being capable of coating evenly, adhering firmly. 7. Being capable of adjusting thickness of paint film. 8. Being capable of accomplishing the multi-color painting. 9. With longer working life of products. 10. With high anticorrosion performance.